Do you want to experience the total exhilaration and freedom of skydiving on your own? Become a licensed skydiver with the  Skydive Awesome! Advanced Skydiver Training (AST) program. We have developed a comprehensive and progressive curriculum, and provide a positive learning environment to ensure our students become competent and confident skydivers. Our instructors and staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction and overall awesomeness to every student. Not only will you become a licensed skydiver, you’ll become a member of our world wide skydiving family!

Pre-requisites to AST Ground School:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must weigh less than 240lbs
  • Complete two tandem skydives
  • At least one tandem skydive made within 30 days of your Ground School class.

Our training program begins with an in-depth, 4-6 hour ground school class, followed by 10 instructed skydives specifically designed to teach you:

  • To perform a proper inspection of your equipment
  • Aircraft procedures
  • Aircraft exit
  • Freefall body positions
  • Altitude Awareness
  • Parachute deployment procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Parachute flight and landing procedures

Skydive Awesome! is a member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Our training program meets and exceeds the minimum requirements and guidelines found in their Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM). A total of 25 skydives (including 2 prerequisite tandems and Ground School class) must be completed to earn your USPA "A" license. Additionally, students must complete a parachute packing class, and purchase their USPA membership. 

Ground School Schedule:

We hold Ground School on Thursday evenings 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM. *Must schedule with us*


Our pricing breaks down exactly what you need to earn your USPA "A" license. While you can purchase each jump as you go, Skydive Awesome! encourages our students to purchase the "A" License training package which includes Ground School, 23 skydives (10 instructed jumps), coaching, gear, USPA membership, and a parachute packing class. Not only does it save you money, but it saves you time! 

  •  “A" License training package: $2,700. (Your commitment to training saves you $405!)*
Ground School $50 
USPA Membership $65
Jump 3 - Neutral Arch $200
Jump 4 - Team Turns $200
Jump 5 - First Release Dive $200
Jump 6 - Solo Turns $200
Jump 7 - 360° Turns and Docking $200
Jump 8 - Forward/Backward Movement $200
Jump 9 - Instability (Barrel Rolls)  $200
Jump 10 - Instability (Cool Flips & Shit) $200
Jump 11 - Tracking With Heading Control  $200
Jump 12 -Student Choice 0r Deficient Skill Practice $200
Jump 13 - Graduation Solo Jump! FREE!
Jump 14-16 - Solo/Fun Jumps $65 each
Jump 17 - Clear & Pull $65
Jump 18 & 19 - Coach Jumps $140 each
Jumps 20-25 - Solo/Fun Jumps $65
Parachute Packing Class $60

*Requires 2 prerequisite tandem skydives.